Happy New Year. Welcome 2023.

Hello everyone in cyber space

A quick message of thanks for everything, for your support in 2022 and every year that’s gone. An enthusiastic welcome to 2023. A grateful welcome to the sense of promise I feel for new creations and an expansion of letting-in/out everything the world has on offer. The joyful welcome to the rekindled sense of willingness to offer all I can in return.

There are things in the melting pot. You’ll be aware that I’ve recently released Strange Beasts, a song I feel is worthy of a listen. Other songs are making their way to the surface and a million words forming once more offering promise. I’m excited about these things and look forward to getting them into the world in this new year more than any other.

Feel free to join with me on social media to keep abreast of all that’s going on in my creative life. I’ll be continuing travelling with my friends, Hilary, Chris, and Joe in The Legend of Luke Kelly band, come and see us when you can. I plan to do some more Facebook LIVE gigs and have set up a small space where this can happen. I found the online LIVE gigs to be fulfilling for me and thanks to so many emails and comments on social media, it seems you all liked it too. I very grateful to you all, thank you.

As a solo artist, this year I’ll be pursuing concert-style performances, performing a mix of original works and my interpretation of some excellent songs I wish I’d written. My mantra for these gigs is; less clutter and grind and more fun and refined. (why do I keep talking in rhyme all the time?)

I’m looking forward to meeting new people, playing new venues, creating new expression in music and word. I hope to meet you along the way. Sincere best wishes to all for 2023 and beyond.