A Word From Kevin Johnson.

I’m particularly proud of the message I received a few years ago from world renowned songwriter, Kevin Johnson. I was doing my thing in a hotel one quiet Thursday night. A handful of people sitting relaxing. I was keeping things low-key and, frankly, waiting for the gig to be over. Being a relaxed evening, I decided to sing Shaney Boy, one of Kevin’s classic hits. I noticed that a man started filming me. When I finished he applauded asking, “Have you another KJ song?” The only one I had was Rock ‘n’ Roll I gave You, I did the song and the guy filmed the whole thing.

At the end of the gig he came over and introduced himself apologising for filming. “I’m want to send it to Kevin, later, we’ve been friends for a long time.” I hear this kind of thing all the time and wasn’t inclined to believe him. Anyway, he asked for my email address which I gave him and thought no more about it. About a week later I received the email. The words were heartwarming and encouraging. You never know who’s going turn up at a gig, I’m glad Kenn did

“Hi Gerry,

Kenn sent me a recording he did on his phone of you singing a couple of my songs live. I was most impressed. You have a fine voice, and your phrasing and delivery were excellent. Thank you for choosing those songs to sing. I always find it interesting to hear other performers interpreting my songs. It is indeed a compliment when singers like yourself choose to do so. I hope everything is going great for you, and the years treat you well.

Kindest personal regards

Kevin Johnson.”

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